Who said ‚Mooooo‘?

Who said ‚Mooooo‘?

I am not sure if you know that, but there is an amazing place in around 1100 m above the sea level in the mountains in Allgäu. The Bergbauernmuseum in Diepolz was created with the inspiration and the mission to preserve the life of the people in the mountains.

„It is a museum“, you might think, „What’s the big deal?“. But Bergbauernmuseum is not like any other museum. In museums, you can walk and see lots of stuff you will never be able to see anywhere else. Yes, this is something you can do alsohere. But the beauty of this mountain museum is that you can actually experience what you see. It is a living, breathing and involving world. It has its own life when you enter its doors and it offers a travel back in time when you join their experience events.

Just look at the pictures below to find out what is going on.

We got in contact with BBM (this is how the insiders are calling it) to hear what is new and to exchange some information what is happening during their winter break and if they would need anything new for the coming season. It happened that their website was already running under redesign, a project lead by a skilfull graphic designer from the region. But the BBM marketing and management team (Frau Alexandra Konda and Frau Catrin Weh) had other ideas in mind to discuss with us.

In BBM everything is kept very simple and down to earth – the museum idea, the experiences, the marketing strategies and even their yearly events info-flyer. They don’t want to poke in the peoples‘ eyes but calmly to present a possibility to join and explore the atmosphere of the life in the mountains.

We went into a talk about a possible app that should be able to educate, animate and motivate its explorers. Looking at the conditions of this particular place and the possible budget to work with, we settled for an amazing idea that can educate everybody (especially the children) about the life of the people in the mountains, that can animate and bring playfulness and curiosity to explore the mountain nature and to motivate them to visit the life museum and take the chance to join enriching experiences.

Getting curious? The new season will start soon and BBM will open up its doors. Their team really cooked amazing program in 2014! Visit them online at


See you soon!

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