Importance of design – list of articles straight to the point today

Importance of design – list of articles straight to the point today

Attention to design! It is not a matter of personal preference talks anymore as it was in the previous years, where clients were personally judging how we should design for them. Today, very practical examples and study cases are in fact proving that design is actually working for business benefits. Giving Apple as an example here will not make our point anymore as for most small and middle size (even BIG) companies Apple stays as the „different one on the market“ – somewhere there and untouchable, inspiration but „how to apply it“.

To narrow down the usefulness of design, we need examples of how it is working, how it can be build in a successful way and to give the right answer to the question: Why companies should pay for design services if they want success?
Apple used design in their business model and it drove amazing conversion results. There is no mysticism in design and there is no need to be bothered how to follow Apple’s example. The thing that helps here is actually to get better educated about design and even more important to educate our clients with provable examples!

Regarding this, we came across and decided to put together some great articles and resources to bring the professional design to the right attention, some deeper understanding and views for the businesses as well as for the creative designers.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the topics below.

Update: Unfortunately the linked UX Magazine articles are currently not available. We still kept the titles of the articles though, id you would like to make your own search.

Better first impressions through design
Why persuasive design should be your next skill set
The psychologist’s view of UX design
100 things every designer needs to know about people
The secret to designing an intuitive UX: Match the mental model to the conceptual model
by UX Magazine

Examining the design process: Clichés and Idea Generation
by Smashing Magazine

Perception is the experience
by Jeff Gothelf

Persuasion triggers in web wesign
by Smashing Magazine

Why user experience cannot be designed
by Smashing Magazine
or it can be – we love to hear your thoughts especially on this one!

A design is only as deep as it is usable
by Smashing Magazine

and on this one too!

10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines
by Smashing Magazine

Design To Sell: 8 Useful Tips To Help Your Website Convert
by Smashing Magazine

Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part One
by Smashing Magazine

Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part 2
by Smashing Magazine


Main sources used:

UX Magazine

Smashing Magazine


Do you like our list? What else do you like to read about or to have a list of? We would love to hear your ideas, sources and wishes.

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