Living your dream. Volen Evtimov – Photographer.

Living your dream. Volen Evtimov – Photographer.

This article is about Volen Evtimov, an old friend and an excellent example of how chasing your dreams is… possible.

Volen is Bulgarian. He is a photographer and he has a story that is fun to share.

Volen Evtimov. Photographer.As every person born in a country where social life and education are important and supported, Volen got on the way as everyone else – school, university, working, traveling, trying to be independent, having fun, falling in love, changing different jobs, collecting unfinished tasks, looking for freshness, starting new ideas, and so on… We could say – an ordinary guy, following ordinary life and doing ordinary things. But here it is, couple of years ago, he realized one thing that changed the basic rhythm of his everyday life – he found his real profession. Flying with the wings of the new inspiration, he jumped on the train of living his dream.

Usually, when having „such“ ideas, we do not follow them. We always try to remember or we are being reminded (mostly by our families), that we cannot just throw everything away and simply start from 0 – years at the university, years of possible carrier, years of collected knowledge and experience, years of support and money spend for our best. Years of already taken responsibilities.

But hey, why not trying something different and unexpected. Why not!

Discovering his love and passion for photography, in 2008, Volen enrolled into a personal training with one of the best photographers in Bulgaria. And after that, another one, and another one, and another one. He started to build from 0 his knowledge and experience about photography and the real meaning of taking pictures. Learning, trying, shooting, trying, deleting, shooting, shooting, shooting, day after day, month after month, he started to collect and build his very own experience which slowly transformed the science of photography into magic. His endless joy, hard work and focused systematic work, managed to bring him through the first years of changing everything and growing life independency with what he loved to do.

Today, 5 years later, Volen is one of the best photographers in Sofia, a happy married man and a father of one daughter. His clients are happy and thankful for the special moments of their life he managed to memorize and his partners are grateful to have him next to them.

So, what can we say at the end of this very short story. Discovering and chasing our dreams is not that stupid thing to do, nor it is an irresponsible behavior of a lost head. On the opposite, it is something which can give us more power and more rough potential to work with than anything else. It will make us go over our borders and discover something which we never thought we

had before. Sometimes, it will even make us unrecognizable to our selves – who is this focused, result driven, perfectionist over there, doing the same thing day after day… When we are doing something we really enjoy, this benefits not only us, but everyone around us. We can spread much more joy and happiness, we can produce values and at the end we naturally will become examples, supporting the others in their growth.

So, what do you thing? Is it valuable to go for it?

And of course, enjoy some of Volen’s pictures. The rest of his work you can find here:

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